世界の現代アート展「魂 - 付喪神」

"SOUL-Tsukumogami" International art exhibition

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Antonio Poce (Italy)/Federico Meriggi (Italy)/Junija Galejeva (Lithuania)/Rita Rozynek (Poland/Germany)/Pierrette Clément (Reunion Island)/Maria Maksakova (Finland)/Mariken Heijwegen (Netherlands)/Pat Gregson (United Kingdom)/Caropour (Germany)/Anna Pianka (Germany)/Doora Keperti (Greece)/Lu Hsinyu (Taiwan)/Diana Raycheva (Bulgary)/Nathan Hessler (Texas)/Antonio Benedetti (Italy)/Antonio Dell’Isola (Italy)/Anette Steen (Norway)/Hiromune Otake (Japan)/Michele Riefolo (Italy)/Luciana Vascan (Italy)


The Japanese word "tsukumogami" (付喪神) refers to a specific concept in Japanese mythology and culture: literally translated, "tsukumogami" means "spirit hidden in objects." This term refers to inanimate objects that, after a certain time, around a hundred years, transform into spirits. A hundred years is enough for an object to acquire a soul, absorbing the passing time and the wisdom that comes with it. Belief holds that objects bring good fortune to those who care for them, and misfortune to those who mistreat them, so over time objects can acquire a grateful and benevolent soul or a vengeful and cursed one. This mythological concept emphasizes that the importance of things does not depend on their economic value, but rather on the relationship and feelings of those who have used them for a long time. The legend of "tsukumogami" reflects the Japanese belief that objects possess an intrinsic soul or spirit and must be treated with
and care. It is believed that this belief originated from Shinto religion, which attributes a soul not only to living beings but also to natural elements and objects. The figure of "tsukumogami" has deeply influenced Japanese culture, appearing in folk tales, works of art, theater, and even in modern manga and anime. "SOUL-Tsukumogami" aims to be a starting point for a careful reflection on the relationship between humans and the things that surround them. Art itself is a "thing" - an "object" that possesses a soul and expresses it to the viewer. The exhibition will give artists the opportunity to express themselves on the concept of spirituality and the connection that exists between them and their works.
─ Vanessa Viti


The exhibition “SOUL-Tsukumogami” is a profound tribute to Japanese culture, specifically to the concept of “tsukumogami”, which is the idea that inanimate objects can acquire a soul after surviving a century of existence. This notion reflects the belief that the objects around us are not mere tools of daily utility but bearers of an intrinsic life, similar to that of works of art that hold deep and unique meanings. The exhibition explores the role of art and artists in imparting value and knowledge through creation, promoting a cultural exchange that invites broad reflections. The question that arises is: what value do we attribute to the objects that populate our daily lives? The care of these objects requires sustained commitment, attention, and constant dedication; however, how many people are truly willing to invest such resources? The artists participating in this exhibition have brilliantly responded to these questions, creating works that stimulate personal an
collective reflection. Their creations are invitations to pause, even briefly, for a moment of contemplation and silence, allowing us to connect with ourselves, with the surrounding environment, and with the innermost essence of the things we observe and perceive. The exhibition “SOUL-Tsukumogami" celebrates not only art but also the secret life of everyday objects, offering spaces for pure contemplation and reflection. The presented works, created by carefully selected artists, use their unique visual language to offer the audience special visions and profound inspirations, inviting prolonged reflection on the uniqueness and intrinsic meaning of things that are often taken for granted.
─ Giulia Zanesi

Vanessa Viti (Italy)

Giulia Zanesi (Italy)
広範な国際経験を持ち、現代アートの促進のために活動するアートキュレーター兼アートヒストリアン。パリの「3F Gallery」や「Azote Gallery」、東京の「孔雀ギャラリー」他、ミラノ、リヨン、ローマ、ヴィラサンタ等で現代アーティストの作品を展示した実績を持つ。またアートキュレーターとしてMACO博物館と協力し、ニューヨークの「Saphira Ventura Gallery 」やポルトフィーノの「Castello Brown 」で“CONTEMPORANEA” exhibitionを開催。トレッカーニ・ロンバルディア機関のために、現代アートの基本色に関するテーマを探求するウェビナーを数多く開催するなど、アートヒストリアンとしても活躍している。
またRainbow Lab Experienceの創設者でもあり、文化サービス、イベントや展示会の企画、公共および私的団体や新進アーティストへのコンサルティングを提供。彼女の情熱と専門知識は現代芸術の中心的な存在となっている。





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